Monday, October 14, 2013

New African American Blogs On The Rise!

I am a member of the new Facebook Group: African American Genealogy & Slave Ancestry Research. A wonderful community of researchers that are inspiring and encouraging one another, working together to crash down brick walls and find ancestors. Since this group started..just weeks ago, There has been a surge of new African American Blogs. 

I would like to introduce these new bloggers, and a few old. Please take a look, leave a word or two..You may even find that you have an ancestor in common.

They Came From Virginia

Echoes of My Nola Past

NoTe's To MySelf...

Claiming Kin

Our Georgia Roots

Our Alabama Roots

Conversations With My Ancestors

Georgia Black Crackers

In Honor Of My Ancestors 

My Elusive Kin

Low Country Africana

Spence-Lowry Family

Taneya's Genealogy Blog

The Family Griot

Tracing Their Footsteps

All Roads Lead To California

Ike Ivery Family

Terrence Garnett's Family Research

Finding Eliza

Connected By Blood

Caddo Trees

Mississippi Ancestors 

A Journey To The Past 

Interlocked and Interwoven 

Cecelia's Dig 

Barnes Smith Family History 

Middlebrooks Of Meriwether 

A Home In Missouri 

The Book Of Bannarn 

Mysteries of My Ancestors 

My True Roots
Back Porch Reminiscing 

Arterberry-King-Pinkney-Ritchardson Genealogy Page 

Moon-Jackson Army
Pieces Of Me 

Between The Gate Posts 

J-Macs Journey 

Daniels Is My Name 


The Taliaferro Project



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