GGrandmother, Mary B. Carr Doyle with her grandson Terry Bell

My grandmother, Margaret Doyle James -23 years old

Margaret Doyle 1917-18
My grandmother, Margaret Doyle with her second husband. Donald James
John Wesley Carr-Brother of Mary Doyle

Mary Belle Carr Doyle
Margaret Doyle James w/ sons Richard and John.

John Wesley Doyle-youngest brother of Margaret Doyle.

L to R. Margaret Doyle Bannarn James,her mother, Mary B. Doyle (Carr), Tony Bannarn. 1935

Gloria J. Bannarn 16 yrs.

Peter Doyle with daughter Rose.

My grandparents, Anthony Sherman Bannarn and Margaret Doyle.1935
Margaret Doyle James w/children.

L. to R. Unknown cousin, Peter Doyle (seated) Mary bell Doyle.

Margaret Doyle (standing) w/ siblings baby Esther, Sarah Edythe and Johnny.


  1. Awesome Stuff Auntie!! I'm going to use some of this for a "Family History Book" for Curtis - if thats ok..? :)

  2. Thanks Hun! yes, please do. That's why I'm blogging. So that everyone will know our history, especially the babies. :)

  3. Great work on family history. Thanks for sharing, Darryl Roland


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