Saturday, September 21, 2013

Uncle Emmerson

Emmerson Doyle w/ Wife Martha E. Dabney and children Robert, Minnie and Madeline.
Although I never met him, I have heard his name often. Uncle Emmerson Doyle. Born abt. 1864 in Virginia. He was the brother of my Great Grandfather Peter Doyle. He was a Coal miner who left Virginia for the Coal mining camps of Buxton, Iowa. Even though many of the Doyle's came to Buxton in the early days. After the coal mining towns shut down, they all somehow made their way to Des Moines, IA. Grandma Margaret always spoke fondly about her cousins; Robert, Minnie and Madeline. They all grew up together  in Iowa.

Grandma always gave physical descriptions when she talked about her family, the ones that she knew I had not met. I always enjoyed hearing about their physical description as well as their personality. I loved it!  I would ask a ton of questions about family and she would patiently answer them all. Many of the Doyle's, especially in her father's generation had red hair, blue/green eyes and very fair skin. It always made me extremely curious to know what their father looked like, being that their mother Sarah Doyle had black hair. My mother has always called our family a "Potpourri mix". Emmerson died abt. 1918 in Iowa.

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